Wealth Share Club – 2% Daily Passive Income

Wealth Share Club

The No.1 Place To Be

When things are going great there isn’t much to report must of the time. Here is whats been going on lately with Wealth Share Club, a passive income program. High Risks, High Returns but I can tell you that is more than safe to invest your money here this program is set up in a way that members are ensured a nice and stable income for a very long time.

Just now I reached my personal Goal of 150 referrals and the program has right now exactly 954, I next goal is to reach 200 Direct Referrals and then go to 300, etc until I reach 500. I use several tools to achieve this kind of results : Custom Banners, Splash Pages, Lead Capture Pages, Auto Responder system and Follow Up Letters.

You can see the system that I use by going to the below link or join through it, to request it just contact me and I can give you additional details.

Wealth Share Club – The No.1 Place To Be


This program is based on what we call a Revenue Share with a Cap, the products that are sold on a daily basis (Advertising Packages) generate a certain amount of income, this income is then shared with the members on a daily basis giving out a maximum of 2% and a minimum of 0.50%, the program features lots of different features to prolong its life span and maintain stability throughout the whole time its running.

Compensation Plan

The Compensation Plan is really simple, there are 3 different types of membership :

  1. Free Membership (No Earning Benefits, can be used for Advertising Only)
  2. Starter Membership (Limited Income but great for members to Test Waters before investing Big)
  3. VIP Membership (Time To Make Money)

Let me explain each of the membership features in details.

* Free Membership : Everyone who is trying to successfully build an income online needs advertising and that is no secret, with Wealth Share Club you can get a free account and start setting up ads within minutes of joining, the price is right and the results are good.

* Starter Membership : This membership is focused on testing the program, members can purchase a maximum of 10 Adpacks which is equivalent to $60usd, each Adpack costs $6usd. You will receive a daily return of 0.5 – 2% daily until you reach a 250% cap. Starter members also enjoy of a 2% Referral Commissions on every sale.

* VIP Membership : This is where the money is made, it has a cost of $5usd per month and members can purchase up to 90 Adpacks per day at $6 each, thats equivalent to $540usd and you will receive a daily return of 0.5 – 2% daily until you reach 250%. VIP members also earn Referral Commissions and thats a nice 7% on every sale and repurchase your referrals make.

There are many other features like, super fast payments once a week or monthly as you prefer, 60 / 40 cashout rule, repurchase from Balance on Fridays & Much More.

To get the full details visit the link below :

Wealth Share Club – The No.1 Place To Be

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

One thought on “Wealth Share Club – 2% Daily Passive Income

  1. I’ve only been a part of Wealth Share Club for a few days, but already I’m realising that this program is one that is definitely going to last. I’m looking forward to investing more in it and watching my income grow. I’m definitely excited for the future of Wealth Share Club! The statistics so far show that this is far more than just hype that comes with a lot of other revenue share programs out there.