Wealth Share Club – 2% Daily Passive Income

Wealth Share Club – 2% Daily Passive Income

There isn’t much to update about Wealth Share Club which means that everything is going great. I’ve been getting 2% daily ROI since the day I joined and membership keeps on growing.

We are now at 780 Members and 5 days short of reaching 1 month of life span, this program is becoming stronger.

Admin Kent Rasmussen posted on MMG about some additional features and updates that will be coming to the website & program, I am really looking forward into that. The Admins has always been active on public forums and giving full time support to all the members.

If you are already a member remember that you need to log in at least once per day to receive your 2% revenue.

Here is Kent’s post on MMG.

I see a lot of members not logging in every day to get there earnings.
They Lose money every day, and its nothing we can do about it.
So please help us remind your down line to log in to earn.

We are working on a new future.

As its not final decided how it will be.

We monitoring a lot of things on a daily basis, to see if there are any improvement possibility’s.
Some are in place already (nothing you see).
Right now we have a few on the table… will come back to that later.

Sending out a mail when its in place.

I have some referrals myself that are missing on their daily revenue because they are not loggin in, make sure to log in.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana

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