Wealth Share Club – Lead Capture Pages, First Payment & More

Wealth Share Club a very promising Passive Income program that has everything needed for the long term.

I want to give you some updates about Wealth Share Club and share the advertising tools that I am using with you.

First the Updates.

Wealth Share Club (WSC) is going really strong, hundreds of members are joining daily and today is the first payrun. I already repurchased for the first time and requested my first withdrawal, I will keep you updated as soon as the first payment reaches my account. In the next few hours I will be able to say “Wealth Share Club is PAYING, I GOT PAID!!!” That will be nice šŸ™‚

Update : I just received my first payment from WSC.
Wealth Share Club is Paying!

The total Adpacks that can be purchased in a day for VIP members has been raised from 30 to 60, I don’t know how long this offer is going to last but take advantage of it now. So you can purchase up to $36o in a period of 24 hours instead of just $180. Many members are already taking advantage of this.


As many of you requested I made a Lead Capture Page & Splash Page for Wealth Share Club.

You can see and test the capture page by going to this link, what you see there is exactly what your prospects will get : http://www.donothingmoney.com/wealthshareclub/teamlcp/

You can see the landing page which is good for Traffic Exchangers here

Once prospects input their contact information they are redirected to your WSC referral link and as soon as they confirm their e-mail subscription, you will get an email with their details. Make sure to send them a Welcome e-mail with your ref link in case they don’t sign up right away, they will also receive follow up letters which can increase the upgrade ratio by a lot.

I will make a page specially for WSC tools like the one I did for OneX here.
You can find all of the Advertising Guides & Strategies with Step by Step instructions HERE.

Here are the details I need from you to set up your Lead Capture Page :

1 – Name & UsernameĀ  (Username for the page)
2 – E-mail Address (Where your leads will be redirected)
3 – Target URL (Where members will be sent after opting in, normally your WSC Referral link)
4 – Contact Information (Optional if you want to put that on your ThankYou page after they optin)

5 – Money (There is a one time fee of $7,99 for team members and $15 for non team members. Alertpay, Paypal, Moneybookers & SolidTrustPay accepted.)
The fee is there to help me pay for the hosting, auto-responder, domain and all the hard work.

To request your page use the contact me form that is located on the top menu or send me an e-mail.

You can find a ‘Welcome E-mail’ to send to your prospects in the next page and the follow up letters that they will receive once they optin for additional information.

Kind Regards
Dirson Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

P.S. Post continues on the next page…

Welcome E-mail, Follow Up Letters, Text Ads, Custom Banners & More

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