Wealth Share Club Update (Paying 2% Daily)

– Wealth Share Club Update –

Here I will give you a full update about WealthShareClub, at the moment this is my favorite program thanks to all the features it has, all innovations by admin and never seen before. You know I am not a ‘passive income’ program lover but these are working fine lately and members can earn without referring, you will still get full support from me and tools if you want to build your referral base.

Improvements are being made to the website on a daily basis and there will be a server change on Monday, there are also many ads and e-mails I wrote in the backoffice including banners made by me also and a splash page, you can contact me if you want one of those.

If you are not a member you can sign up here > Wealth Share Club

– Payment Received & Proof –

Today is Friday and this is the only day of the week when we can request a payout and I already requested mine, by the time I went to bed for few hours and came back the money was already sitting in my alertpay account. So far I received two payments from WSC and they both came in really fast, below are the links for the payment proof (screen shots).

1 – http://www.donothingmoney.com/img/wealthshareclub-paymentproof-1.jpg
2 – http://www.donothingmoney.com/img/wealthshareclub-paymentproof-2.jpg

– Stable Daily ROI –

The daily ROI has been stable, it can vary from 0.5 % – 2% but it has been 2% daily since day one and Admin said on the forum that its going to stay that way for a very long time, I agree with him. The way the program is growing steadily the daily roi should stay stable for many months.

– Membership Base –

We have reached the number of 500+ active members in Wealth Share Club, I know they are active because those that do not login to their account before midnight server time after joining are removed from the database. I personally have 76 direct referrals now and my next goal is 100.

I have a long term goal which is 200 Direct Referrals but to reach a long term goal you need some short term ones, after 100 I will aim for 150 and then the final number. I can share with you the exact steps I take to build my referral base, most of them are described in this blog with step by step instructions.

More details > Advertising Guides & Strategies

– Friday’s at WSC –

Friday is a good and different day for WSC, its the only day when we can reinvest to get new positions from balance and also request a payment, on top of that the maximum daily purchase for VIP members is increased from $180usd (30 ad packs) to $380usd (65 adpacks).

Make sure to login at least once to your account to earn your daily ROI and on Fridays either reinvest or withdraw, or both.

– Marketing Tools & Capture Pages –

I made a new Lead Capture Page for WealthShareClub, so now you have 3 different options. All the tools I made for WSC can be found in your members backoffice but the pages, here are the 3 different pages, if you want one follow the instructions here.

1 – Main LCP – http://www.donothingmoney.com/wealthshareclub/
2 – new LCP 2 – http://www.donothingmoney.com/wealthshareclub/lcp2.html
3 – Splash Page – http://www.donothingmoney.com/wealthshareclub/splash.html

– Best Investment Strategy –

I will describe two different strategies, there are no best strategies it actually depends on the person and the budget they have, so I will write a strategy for those on a tight budget and for those with money available to spend. I will keep this plain and simple.

Tight Budget Strategy

If you are on a tight budget there are two ways to approach WSC, either come in big and build your positions or grow them slowly through re-purchase.

So you need to have a goal, 30 – 40 – 60, whatever amount of positions you have, depending of how much money you have, you can either buy the positions and withdraw on a weekly basis or buy as much as you can and then compound until you reach your goal, once you reach your goal then you start to withdraw.

If you want to reduce the risk as much as possible, then make one initial commitment as big as you can and then withdraw as much as you can untilĀ  you get your capital back, as soon as you have your investment back you can do whatever you want with the profit, either grow it or set a certain amount to withdraw on a weekly basis.

Loose Budget Strategy

If you have funds to spend then you know what to do, its hard to find good and stable programs like this one so its really important to invest as much as possible as fast as possible and build your account. Set a goal, I would recommend at least 200 positions and then reinvest 4-8 weeks (Fridays) to a 100% after that you can start to withdraw.

You will have a huge amount of positions by the time you start to withdraw and after your investment phase is over, you will earn your capital back in no time.

That’s everything for today’s update about Wealth Share Club, hope you enjoyed it, if you want to share your own strategy please do so in the comment section below, also if you have questions or want a LCP.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

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  1. Hello, I have 7 positions in WTIA in a group which is no longer working this program. I there a way I can sell these positions or move them to an active group? My lowest WTIA id is 6095