Wealth2Xtreme (Only $5usd)

(Only $5usd One Time Payment)

Wealth2Xtreme Just Launched

The entire internet is going on about Wealth2Xtreme. This program looks really good and it has several features that makes it great for lots of people.

Wealth2Xtreme only cost a one time payment to upgrade, that being only $5usd, then you can use your profit to leverage to higher levels.

The product you receive for $5usd is a massive amount of leads, 500 leads for that small price, Banner and Text advertising as well.

People are promoting this like crazy and you should take a closer look.

Click on the text-link or banner below to become part of this opportunity and get the full official details.

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Wealth2Xtreme Compensation Plan

There are three different parts to the Compensation Plan.

  1. 100% Commissions on Sales per level
  2. Self-Multiplying Referrals 2-up Compensation Plan
  3. Leadership Bonuses

So let me know 1 by 1.

1 – 100% Commissions on sales per level.

There are 12 different levels in Wealth2Xtreme, when you purchase a level you qualify to earn unlimited 100% commissions for that level.

The first level costs $5, so as soon as you activate this level then you can earn unlimited $5 bonuses for each and every sale you make (Sale = Direct Referral).

The second level costs $10, as soon as you activate this level you are then eligible to earn $10 bonuses (100% commissions) on every sale you make.

You can activate each level from 2 to 12 by using your earned commissions or by “Buying in” through your payment processor.

You can earn up to $20,000+ per referral.

2 – Self-Multiplying Referrals 2-up Plan

A 2-up compensation plan is really simply, that is when you have to pass referrals to your upline, at the same time your downline will have to pass referrals to you and so on.

So your 2nd and 4th Direct Paid Referrals will be passed to your upline and the same will happen with the 2nd and 4th referral of each one of your downline members.

The viral effect of this plan is that each referral that gets passed up to you will also have to pass 2 more refs to you, so just getting 1 pass up can amount into dozens or even hundreds of referrals if that person is active.

This is a very simple concept but sometimes hard to understand to a beginner.

You can go to the Wealth2Xtreme Compensation Page for additional details and sign up link.

3 – Leadership Bonuses

As you become active in building your business and refer more and more members, then you will earn points and those points will be converted into cash at the end of the week.

There are four different Levels, you can see the chart below. The leadership bonus can add up really fast and earn some extra bucks.

Leadership Bonus Program Qualifications Chart:


LBP Level
Number of
Points Per
Cash Bonus
Per Point
Bronze 1 to 5 1 Point $0.25
Silver 6 to 15 3 Points $0.35
Gold 16 to 25 5 Points $0.45
Platinum 26 to Infinity 7 Points $0.55

In a nutshell:
– Self-Multiplying Referrals worth up to $20,475 EACH
– Just 5 bucks out of pocket cost
– 100% commissions
– Break even with your FIRST referral
– Xtreme Advertising AND Leads!
– Weekly Leadership Bonuses!
– Get on the “5 Week Path to 1 Million” with only FOUR referrals!

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Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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