Wealth4AllTeam Genesis Project to Launch on Saturday 13th October

Wealth4AllTeam & Genesis Project
Saturday 13th October

Genesis project is launching

Today I listened to the latest Wealth4All Team conference call in an attempt to update myself with what is going on and share it here to answer all the questions that I am getting.

In the last conference call which I believe happened this past Saturday not much was shared but the fact that Genesis project details will be revealed on Saturday 13th October.

Saturday 13th @ 2PM EST there will be a conference call and all the details about Wealth4All Team and Genesis will be explained.

They also mentioned on this call that Wealth4AllTeam members need to login to their backoffice during this week and pay for their membership fee. The cost of this membership will only be $1usd one time payment for a lifetimeĀ  if you are already a Wealth4All Team affiliate and $14.95 for all new members. So it’s pretty cheap.

The funds in i-Payout right now are available for withdrawal to everyone, so it’s your choice there if you either want to withdraw or keep it there for the W4AT restart or the Genesis launch.

So there are two things that I will keep in my priority list :

1st – I will check daily my Wealh4AllTeam backoffice to check that for that link they mentioned on the call to pay the membership fee, as soon as it is up and I manage to pay I will post here and share it with you.

2nd – I will attend the conference call on Saturday 13th regarding the details of Genesis and the re-launch of Wealth4AllTeam, I will take notes of all the major announcements and share it with you as well.

For now just check your backoffice every now and then, I believe that the link should be ready by Wednesday.

Hope this answer some of the questions I’ve been getting.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

14 thoughts on “Wealth4AllTeam Genesis Project to Launch on Saturday 13th October

  1. Michael Haggie says:

    Just to clarify on your w4a post. The call on saturday is to explain the plans for w4a and genesis.

    You have to log into wealth4all this week to complete your contract for the private association for wealth4all, its to pay the fee to continue your participation in the wealth4all restart. Its not for any link to join a program, you are already a member.

    The $1 fee is for current members of wealth4all so they can take part in the restart of wealth4all program.
    New members will be required to pay $14.95 a year.
    Its the fee for the private association membership for the wealth4all program.

    Genesis is seperate from the wealth4all program and they are looking to keep sponsorship intact.


    • Bang! Great post.

      Thanks for correcting me and thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.

      So we are going to have 2 different programs. Genesis and Wealth4All Team.

      That’s even better šŸ™‚

    • Dear Mike, thanks for your clarification. Now its clear the picture.

  2. allwyn viegas says:

    I would like to know that to pay for the membership fees will be allowed to pay from the payza payment processor or e-wallet.

  3. Message from Danny (Wealth4AllTeam CEO)

    $1 lifetime for the existing FREE or PAID members who will sign the agreement
    before october 31 2012.

    As soon is ready you will have a link in the w4a back office and payable from any available balance either w4a e-wallet or i-payout e-wallet.

    For the new members who will join after that date will be $14.95 per year to receive the membership benefits.

    • pondja nerlin says:

      As you are saying,we all are very glad for the re-launching of the new version of Wealth4allteam.com.But a question remains:What about the money we invested in wealth4allteam?I put in 180 dollars but up to now my wallet is empty.What next?
      Please help me.

      • If you are in profit then you can do nothing, if you haven’t withdraw then the money is available for withdrawal through ipayout.

  4. hey everyone, im a little confused, so we have to pay off our fee by the oct 30th but the link isnt yet provided correct so we cant make any payments as of right now right ?. This is something i dont want to miss as i would like to continue with W4AT ; )

  5. allwyn viegas says:

    I would like to know the following:
    1. Would there be changes in the wealth4all comp plan.
    2. Would wealth4all and Genesis need sponsoring and we need to buy products.
    3. Can we pay from wealth4all e-wallet to join Genesis .

    • Answer :
      1 – There will definitely be some changes but they might be minor changes related to membership costs, fees, etc.
      2 – Wealth4AllTeam is and will be as it is now. Genesis is a completely different program and the details haven’t been shared yet, they will be shared on the Saturday 13th conference call.
      3 – Yes, I believe so but I can be wrong on that one.

  6. Gopal Rammurthy Seshasahai says:

    Hope this Project Genesis will be a boon for the internet income lovers.
    I am just waiting for the launch of Project Genesis.

  7. Call tomorrow with the announcements!

    Skype Dial information. Please make a friend request in Skype to: freeconferencing. 530-881-1300 Once freeconferencing approves your request you can dial into the call as follows:
    In Skype: Find freeconferencing.530-881-1300 hit the dial button and then enter pin number: 408688.

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