Wealth4AllTeam Keeps Growing

Wealth4AllTeam Keeps Growing

Wealth4AllTeam The Future Is Now

The growth at Wealth4AllTeam is incredible, some great numbers were shared on the latest email update and I will quote them below.

Their new “Genesis Project” is going to be implemented soon and Wealth4AllTeam will have a new Name, Website Design and Much more.

There won’t be anymore 10 Days Hold once you cycle, so your earnings will be available to you at all times without any delays, confusions or problems.

iPayout being their main payment processor is simply great. Wealth4AllTeam members now have a lot more options to deposit and withdraw funds and Solid Trust Pay and PayZa (Former Alertpay) are still there for us to use.

You can join Wealth4AllTeam by clicking on the Banner below, I am looking forward to the new website design and new company name.

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Wealth4AllTeam Official Newsletter

For those interested, I am going to quote the latest W4AT email update, this company very important and exciting information.

Check it out and if you are not a member Join Now.
If you are already a member, then take the step needed and purchase your TAPs (Traffic Advertising Packges) to start earning Now.
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Dear Dirson,

It has been another great month here at Wealth4allteam.com! We keep breaking our own records and we keep on growing and growing affiliates and revenue. All this has happened because of your efforts and enthusiasm and from our work in the background to support the business and support you, the greatest team in any internet business out there.

Read the following numbers and see how we are faring in three key areas when it comes to growing our business;

Month over month growth (All paid affiliates):
April = 1867 May = 3270 That’s 175% growth! AWESOME!

Month over month growth conversion of unpaid affiliates to paid affiliates
April = 403 May = 562 That’s 139% growth! AWESOME!

Month over month growth total revenue
April = $533,486.70 May = $1,125,712.61 That’s 211% Growth ! AMAZING!

By the way, those are numbers as of 05/30/2012 not yet complete for the month. Please imagine, for those of you that have PSU’s, what the payout will be this month! I think we will all be very happy.

Now for some more great updates and news:

1.- THE 10 DAY HOLD IS GONE! Yes, you read it correctly, no more 10 day hold on your pay cycle money! What that means to all of you that were confused when we had reapplied it, no more confusion, no more hold line. Your money will be applied directly to your available balance as the pay cycle happens. You spoke and we listened ! This change is now live in your back office!

2.- YOU CAN NOW CHOOSE YOUR REPURCHASE % AMOUNT! Again, you spoke and we listened! As usual the default value for your re-purchase amount is 50%. Now you also have the option to select a repurchase percentage of 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% and 100%. For those of you that asked for this feature so you can automate your repurchase, well, there you go! You will find this new feature at the bottom of the Account Profile page. This change is now live in your back office!

3.- GENESIS PROJECT! Yes, that ultra secret project we are working on that we have been teasing about and not giving you much information on. Well, Danny asked me to be nice and give you a little information about it so here it goes. One of the components of this project is a complete redesign and makeover for our website! So, there you go. Soon, you will have a very dynamic, beautiful and professional looking website. Also, as a segway to this point now that we are speaking of the website makeover, there is one more thing I can share and actually ask you to participate with and help us do……

4.- WE NEED A NEW NAME! Well, part of the GENESIS project also includes based on compliance and our legal team’s advise a new name for our website and company. Let me say before anyone starts to speculate, no, we are not in any trouble, we are not hiding or doing anything wrong, we just need a new name. Our corporate name will stay as Wealth4allteam.com, Inc. but our website presence name needs to change.

Here is where you come in. We are running a contest and everyone is invited to participate in helping us select a new name for the site. There is a Top prize of $200.00 dollars for the person that submits an entry and we select the name they sent in. To participate, please log in to our social web site at http://wealth4allteam.co and go to FORUMS, there you will see the ” New Name Ideas forum. Hover over the name to see the rules and instructions for the contest and submit as many names as you desire based on the rules we have established. You can start tonight! No emails or phone calls please.

5.- MONTHLY RECRUITING BLITZ! Well, this contest is coming down to the wire!! We saw a change in the leader position just a few days ago. There are 5 hard working leaders that are going to walk out with a lot of cash for their efforts ! keep fighting until tonight at midnight, we will announce the contest winners tomorrow. Also, keep on working everyone as this contest continues for the month of June! Let’s see who the new leaders will be in the recruiting department. You may not have done it last month, but maybe June is the month for you! Keep working, keep talking and most of all, HAVE FUN! Good luck to everyone.

6.- BRAND NEW PROMOTION! I don’t even know what to call this one. This promotion is going to be crazy. Starting Monday June the 4th till the end of June, Danny, Will, Keith, Stan and myself (Victor) along with our admins are going to be hanging out in the Social Site at http://wealth4allteam.co and at any given time of the day, every day, without notice, we are going to have trivia, recruiting, educational and just plain crazy contests where you can earn prizes like $10, $20, $25, $50, $75, $100, Ipods, phones and other prizes! Being on the social site PAYS! Don’t get left out by being the one that’s not there. Be there or be square!

7.- QUESTIONS, SUPPORT, ANSWERS! Yes, guys, we need your cooperation on this one. Based on our business model and because of compliance and tracking reasons, all of us on the executive team at wealth4allteam.com and all our admins, will be answering questions etc. on the social site at http://wealth4allteam.co. We will still monitor the Skype rooms and be there to watch and monitor the rooms, but any questions, support issues, etc. will be answered on the social site. If you ask a question on the W4a room or individually to one of us, we will direct you to the social site for an answer.

We are not trying to shut down or remove anyone from Skype, in fact, many of us will still use it since it is a great resource. But for our company, we need to centralize our system and also, because of what’s coming here soon and to add value and REVENUE to yours and our bottom line, traffic on the Social site is key! Trust us on this, and get used to being there, it will start paying off with the above contest, but it will pay you great dividends later as we grow our traffic and Alexa ratings ! Stay tuned.

8.- I-PAYOUT ROCKS! Yes, we not only believe and have heard from many of you about how great I-payout is, but as we see what is happening on the Third Party processors business, we know we made the right decision! I will be sending an update email just on the I-payout information as we now have accurate time frames for all transactions, accurate information on paying countries, etc. You should receive this email before the week is over. Be on the look out for it.

Well my friends, that’s it for now. I will soon start posting more frequent updates on the social site in the form of a blog and I will also start a video Blog that will save me from sitting here on the computer and writing these long novels as Danny calls them and will give me a chance to actually talk and provide you with information faster than what we have done before.

The future looks bright! We are blessed to be part of a company that has a vision to help as many people as possible become financially able! We will soon start dialog with all of you about our MISSION. We want to give back many blessings to the world as we have been blessed with plenty ourselves. Mission is and will become an integral part of what we are and what we do. Be ready to serve the world! Be ready to be an ambassador of hope and good will! Thanks for all you do, you deserve all the success that’s coming your way!


Wealth4allteam Management

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

6 thoughts on “Wealth4AllTeam Keeps Growing

  1. Olukunle Olaniran says:

    This company is great and the future looks bright. Dear Dirson, can you give me liberty reserve or STP if i send money into your i- payout wallet?. This is easier for me in this part of the world where bank withdrawals take too much time to accomplish. Just name your exchange rate. Thanks for your help in this regard!

    • Hello Olukunle, I do not do or offer any type of exchanger service but you can always withdraw directly from iPayout to Solid Trust Pay, it is right there in your iPayout backoffice.

      Hope that helps.

      • Olukunle Olaniran says:

        Dear Dirson,
        I have checked up and seen it. It was recently added. Thanks a lot. I really would like to join most of the programs you are in but most of my funds are tied up with the T2mk which is currently going through a restart which appears to be taking too long. By the way, do you have an idea how much longer we have to wait for this program to get going again?. Hope to hear again from you soon!

        • In the latest update, Admin mentioned that he is going through the second round of payments. For the refund I would expect several months and for the re-launch that can take a lot longer.

  2. allwyn viegas says:

    I have a i-payout account and would like to know how I can transfer money from my payza account to my e-wallet. Kindly advise as I don’t find any payza link for deposit of funds only STP.

    • Wealth4AllTeam does not accept Deposit through PayZa / Alertpay, they are having lots of problems and they are very tricky.

      You should fund iPayout directly using your bank account or one of the available methods there.

      Kind Regards