Wealth4AllTeam & Primus Hub 20th & 22nd October Call & Newsletters

Wealth4AllTeam & Primus Hub
20th & 22nd October Call

W4AT & Primus Hub – Latest Updates

Daily I get dozens of questions about Wealth4AllTeam & Primus Hub, all of them asking about what is going on, when is Primus Hub launching and what are the latest updates.

Here I will write an update based on the latest two email newsletter they sent out and the 20th October conference call. Hopefully you will get all the answers you are looking for here.

Overall I feel good about the updates and announcements. Will ride it out and see how everything goes, so far they made tons of announcements and have plenty of stuff in paper, so let’s see how it works out in action.

I will have a link ready for you in this same post and a new one as soon as it is available.

Detailed withdrawal update on page #3
Detailed launch date update on page #3

Click on Page#2 below – Primus Hub launch date!

3 thoughts on “Wealth4AllTeam & Primus Hub 20th & 22nd October Call & Newsletters

  1. Alling Dundang says:

    I could not receive the full details of the info. Please help. Thank you.

  2. Susan Woodard says:

    Bad news about not being able to use our W4A debit card.

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