Website Rotator for Improved Results!

Free Website RotatorA Website Rotator is a great advertising tool that will make your life easier in many ways when you have to set up tons of advertising or when you are working together with a team building a downline. There are many benefits and advantages for using a Website Rotator and you should always have one in your Tools box. I will discuss the benefits, ways to use one, when to use one and how to use it.

A Website Rotator is exactly what the name says. A program that rotates websites specifically links. E.g. If you have have two different products that are related and you want to promote them in one single ad then using a rotator is the best choice.

I was using a personal rotator that is a php script that I found online and set up myself manually and actually go through some problems in the process, I got tired of it and decided it was not worth the pain when you can find cheap and good rotators online that offers the best service you can use or need.

In this post I will be referring to
As the same says it has a free version with Ads and a paid version that costs as low as $10usd in an entire year, which is less than $1usd per month and it also has a referral program.

* The Benefits of using a Rotator.

If you are building a team and using the service above you can rotate as many links as you want, you have a link that gives you public stats for all the links and you can even set up priority for each link. Your settings are editable at any time, you can have 10 links at one moment and then decide to remove them all and leave just one.

For Permanent ads (I call permanent ads, those as : Classifieds online and offline, e-mail ads, forums ads, those ads that cannot be edited after posted.) is really good because even though the ad is not editable anymore or you don’t even have access anymore to it (Like e-mail ads) you can just go to your rotator back office and edit the link, for example when you meet a quota or something.

For forums signature is great because you can use a generic signature like “Make Money Online” and use the rotator to promote all of your programd and / or products at the same time.

I could go on with the benefits but I guess you got the idea.

* Ways to use a Website Rotator, When and How!

The best ways to use a rotator is when you are building team wise by placing all of your team members into the rotator, this gives the advantage to each person to get the same chances of getting sign ups or sales. It is also always good to purchase a domain and redirect it using masking to your rotator link. The link will always looks something like this, with a domain you will make it look more professional and it only costs few dollars.

As explained in the benefits above you should use one when you are doing permanent ads to have the possibilities to edit the link later in the future if needed.

If you want additional information about Website Rotators let me know in the comment, this is a most needed tool.
I can also write a step by step post with instructions on how to set up one.

If you find this post useful please share it and lave a comment.

Kind Regards
Dirson Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

2 thoughts on “Website Rotator for Improved Results!

  1. Great advice…look to start using it to promote my various programs. You mention about “redirecting” and “masking” it…how do I do that?

    • It will depend on the domain provider but is really simple.
      Once you purchase a domain you can choose to redirect the domain to any url you want.
      For example if I were to buy, I have the option to redirect it
      to my rotator url or to whatever website I want, like through your provider

      Masking means to display your domain only.
      For example when you redirect a domain the address on the address bar in yoiur browser
      will change to the url you are redirecting but if you are using Masking it will always stay
      the same, it will only show your domain name no matter how many links you browse
      within the url you redirected to.

      If you have anymore questions just let me know.

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