Website Traffic Through AdFly

Website Traffic Through AdFly

AdFly Url Shortener

AdFfly ( offers a URL shortener service where you can turn your long links into small user friendly links.

There are tons of url shrinking services around the net and most of them work great but AdFly has some additional great features.

While you shrink your links you can at the same timeĀ  monetize the traffic that you get to your links through their member program.

You can also become an Advertiser or Publiser of AdFly.

As an Advertiser you can purchase traffic through their website or banner ads. I am going to focus on the website traffic.

As a Publisher you can make money by generating traffic to your shortened links.


AdFly Website Traffic

There are many ways to generate traffic to your website, you can look at “DoNothingMoney Advertising Guides & Strategies.” But depending on what you are looking for a source of traffic can be better than the other.

The traffic that’s available through Adfly can be good for almost everything since all sort of people can land on your adfly website without even them know.

The process of purchasing traffic through adfly is super simple and flexible.

You can choose from which country to receive traffic from, pause and resume whenever you want and the process is extremely easy.

They accept Paypal, Payoneer and Liberty Reserve as payment processors.

You can receive 1,000 International Hits to your website for $1usd. Plain and simple.

The best ideas that I can come up with to use this type of website traffic are two :

1) Raising your website rank.

Since traffic is so cheap, starting at $0.40usd per 1,000 hits you can use it to raise your website rank and status. For example buying 50,000 hits will cost you $20usd.

You can then spread the traffic through the entire month. 1,300 daily for example. Alexa and other rating agencies will pick up the daily traffic and raise your ranking accordingly for a very low price. Not to mention that if you have ads or any other way to monetize your traffic you can end up making sales or whatever.

2) Picture / Video Websites.

Have you seen those websites with thousands of images of celebrities or interesting stuff? Well these websites normally generate huge revenue through their traffic because they can stop almost anyone to take a second look.

With the adfly cheap website traffic you can take advantage of such type of website and generate a nice income.


Step by Step AdFly Website Traffic

Here is a small and simple step by step instructions on how to purchase traffic with adfly.

1 – Sign up @

2 – Login to your account. Make sure that it says “Advertiser” on the top right corner.

3 – Click on “Create Campaign”.

4 – Choose the amount of traffic you want to receive and scroll down to the bottom. You will see a list of countries and you will be able to enter the number of hits you want in the thousands.

5 – Click on “Click here to enter your website details.” You will be then asked for your website and payment.

6 – That is it and within hours the traffic will start to flow.

Adfly cheap website traffic

I hope you find this useful.

If you have any questions please leave a comment in the section below.

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Dirson E. Jimenez
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6 thoughts on “Website Traffic Through AdFly

  1. Thank you for sharing, but I want to ask the source of traffic from “Adfly” is the actual visitors? BOT is not, or automated software?

  2. Thank you for this blog. Can i also advertise other websites/programs, like Jubirev or 2leads2cash with my personal link from it ? Or is it only for a personal website ?


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