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Network marketers, affiliates, money makers, companies, corporations and all sort of people are looking daily for places where they can advertise and see the results they are looking for. Normally generate revenue through their service or earn money by commissions through product sales.

Advertising is tricky and some times difficult but it is also far from impossible. Some people just give up and the main trick is to persist. Consistency, patience and persistence will give you the results you are looking for.

Keeping that in mind you have to find the right places that are proven to produce results and continue to insist in getting what you want.Below are a list of websites where you can start promoting right now and see some actual results in the form of : Sales, Referrals and Ultimately, Cash.

Where To Promote - Advertising and Great Resuls


Where To Promote?

Traffic Exchangers (EasyHits4u)

One of the easiest ways to promote online is through traffic exchangers. Many people argue the effectiveness of these but if you follow some basic tips then you will definitely see the results you are looking for.

The fact that hundreds of thousands of people are using traffic exchangers daily can tell you about its effectiveness.

The main reason why most of the people don’t succeed when using traffic exchangers is because they don’t have the right marketing page and they don’t promote it long enough.

So for you to be successful, you need the following :

1) A Good Looking Lead Capture Page / Squeeze Page
2) Promote it Daily! If you are using a traffic exchanger spread your hits for at least 30 days.

I normally add hits to my websites on a daily basis and see some good results. Not in a day or a week but from time to time I get a paid customers that will spend hundreds of dollars buying the products I am promoting which makes it all worth it. So not quitting is the real strategy here.

Sign up here : EasyHits4U
Step by Step : Traffic Exchangers – The Easy Way


Solo Ads / List Marketing

When I am asked about the best place to advertise and get results, my answer is always List Marketing, Safe List and Solo Ads. I didn’t have much information about this in the past but a good friend share the details about a great company, super transparent that produces incredible results.

To be successful when emailing hundreds of even thousands of prospects you need to be straight forward and point out the best of what you are selling, see below :

1) Make sure to make your email ad short and use bullet points where you mention all the benefits.
2) Do a great formatting of the ad, make sure it has at least 1 good looking image and use a Lead Capture Page.

Follow the above tips and you can’t fail, to increase your results even further try emailing to the same group more than once.

Best Source : Rent-A-List
Additional Source : List-surfing


Worldwide Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is one of my favorites. Promoters are always looking for targeted traffic, people that are interested in what they are offering and banners helps with that.

For someone to click on your banner they first need to be interested in what the banner is offering which filters the traffic and gets you higher chances of getting what you are looking for.

Since advertising with banners used to be my favorite, I have lots of guides and tutorials on how to promote using them but here are the main tips.

1) Grab a designer and buy good looking banners.
2) Point out key details on the banners itself.
3) If selling an Online Income Opportunity point out the Payment Processors, this will instantly help you filter those that can’t buy from you.
4) Good looking banners but yet simple.

To reach the entire world (literally) : Google Adwords
For PTC’s, Free Offers & Exposure in Generaal : Adhitz
For Results & Sales : Banner ads on Forums


Other Advertising Methods

If you want to really get extreme results then you will need to use all the methods available. Below you can find a link that will share with you tons of different guides.

Text Advertising, Banner Advertising, List Building, Video Traffic, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Forums, Classified Ads, Article Submissions & Much More.

DoNothingMoney Blog – Advertising Guides & Strategies


For any questions feel free to contact me.


Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

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  1. A great article. I am looking forward to try this to get some results. thanks for sharing Stros. Keep up the good work. You are really a motivational leader for many people.

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