WeNetProfits PayItForward Team Strategy

I am glad to tell you that we have finally developed a strategy that will work everyone and help even though that cannot refer others. Our strategy is based on the Pay It Forward system and requires a one time investment for it to work for everyone.

The first thing that you need to know is that :

We Will Pay Your Way Into The New WeNetProfits (The whole $22usd)

WNP The Pay It Forward Team (Terms & Strategy) Explained!


Our TERMS are simple.

By accepting a FREE position in WNP you must agree to Pay for your top four (4) referrals, if you don’t have four members to pay it forward to, We Will Find Them For You and Everyone Else.

If you are not willing to pay the $22 x4, Please Do Not Apply.

Everyone is expected to follow through on the agreement.

This is the way to build a successful business for all.

So be prepared with $88usd in Alertpay.

I will make a list of people who have also agreed to these terms, so when you pay for four members they will also pay for an additoinal four each. With this compensation plan if this is followed down just two levels, you will be earning over $730usd / month.

***Note : If you are already a paid member of our team you can still request to get four members to PIF in your downline, remember that these members will agree to the above terms before joining under you which will give you the needed growth to earn your invetment back as soon as possible and start profiting.

WENETPROFITS Compensation Plan In Short

Before I get into the Team Strategy let me explain the first part of the compensation plan really quick. I will focus on the first two matrix only, there are more sources of income but that will come later on down the road even if you do nothing other than follow the below strategy.

To participate in the program there is a One Time Payment of $22usd Alertpay.

*** Apprentice Matrix which is 4 x 3 ***

  • Earn $5 x Direct Referral / PIFed Members), regardless of where they are placed in the matrix.
  • 1st Level (4) = $0
  • 2nd level (16) = $2, Total $32 (16 member x $2)
  • 3rd Level (64) = $11, Total $704 (64 members x $11)
  • Total Commissions Apprentice Matrix = $736

*** Bronze Matrix another 4×3 ***

  • To Qualify: You need 4 personal referred in the Apprentice and generating over $300.00 in income in order to automatically upgrade to Bronze.
  • 1st Level (4) = $0
  • 2nd level (16) = $15, Total $240 (16 member x $15)
  • 3rd Level (64) = $40, Total $2560 (64 members x $40)
  • Total Commissions Apprentice Matrix = $2800

Compensation Plan Presentation :

To View The Full Compensation Plan – Click Here

*** Note : Commissions are paid monthly, all of the subscriptions are extracted automatically from earnings. Details on how the fee’s are deducted can be seen in the compensation plan link above.

WENETPROFITS Pay It Forward Team Strategy

This is an amazing 1 time payment program that anyone can afford. It utilizes earnings to advance you through the levels.

It is working, and working well!!!! Payments are processed daily without delays… EVER.

OK, so we all need 4 personals to qualify for earnings above Apprentice Level.

This is our Target, to get everyone to Bronze level and the Over $3,000 a month in Residual income.

Is this possible? YES But like anything it takes preparation and a SYSTEM to achieve this. Can you do this alone? I doubt it, only 3% of the online community are successful in creating an income ALONE.

How does This Work?

If you are already a paid member of this team, skip to step #6.

1. You can request to be added to the PIF list.

2. You must read the terms and agree to follow the instructions.

3. An existing member will contact you .

4. You will join from the link this member supplies.

5. Your membership will be paid for you.

6. You will request the names of 4 people from the list.

7. You will contact these people with your link for WNP.

8. When you see they have joined from the geneology in your back office, you will then pay for these members utilising the

PAY-FOR-A-FRIEND feature. This will be done from your Alertpay account.

9. Keep in touch with your Referrals or pass their information to me so I can follow up with their PIFs.

10. Your referrals must then follow the system and also request 4 names from the list.

***Note : I am always available on every step and once your referrals sign up, I will be the one sending them the details of those wanting to be PIFed and waiting to pay for another 4 members.

You are on your way, this is very exciting. Commissions are added to your wallet in Real-Time and payments are processed daily.

If you want to PIF members fill the form below :

Send an e-mail or (fill the form below) to wnp@donothingmoney.com with “I Want Members To PIF” and include your wnp username.

If you want to be paid in and agree to the terms above :

Send an email to or (fill the form below) wnp@donothingmoney.com with “I Want To Be PIFed” and your details.


Kind Regards
Dirson Jimenez Santana

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    • You just need to attach the card to it and use the normal “Spend” feature to pay for your account, when the time comes to pay the funds will be extracted from your card.