What Is A Teambuild?

What Is A Teambuild?


Most of the DoNothingMoney readers are familiar with What A Teambuild Is, while many others are lost. If you frequently visit this blog you will see this word used a lot and the biggest programs for me and my team are the ones where a Teambuild is taking place.

In this post I want to let my readers know What A Teambuild Is and What A Teambuild It Is Not.

All the information here regarding A Teambuild will be based on my own experience and the way I run one, each person / team leader can make their own teambuild and make up their own rule according to how they see fit and works best for their own group.

I will also explain the benefits of a teambuild vs joining anything without one.


What Is A Teambuild?

A Teambuild is very simple, me as team leader and other leaders group together to place everyone in the team in any specific order. When we choose a business opportunity to join and make money instead of sending out personal referral link we send out information about the teambuild and those who want to join will join under their fellow team members.

This is very beneficial for people who are not good at sponsoring and for those who have big downline but that downline isn’t good at referring.

For example, if we are doing a 2x teambuild, that means that we will be placing two direct referrals under each member in the team and we do this first come, first served basis.

So I normally have a team of hundreds of referrals joining directly through my referral link, if I were to do a teambuild I only get 2 of my own referrals and the rest I place them under those two, and then under those four and so on, placing two under each.

As a team everyone promotes using the needed tools such as, Lead Capture Pages, Splash Pages, Banners, etc and everyone joining the team goes to the next person in line.

So in a nutshell :
A Teambuild is a structured way of building and placing your downline.
This helps spread the benefit and the income to all members rather than just the top member.


What A Teambuild Is Not!

A Teambuild is a way of building that the entire team follows, what it isn’t is a guaranteed instant downline, nor a downline service nor anything related to giving other single person an instant team for no work on their part.

It is true that if you join a teambuild fast enough, you can see massive downlines and income under you but there isn’t any guarantee.

Each member in the team must support the team by using the provided Marketing & Advertising Tools and spreading the word around, the more active members promoting the faster your and everybody else downline grows.

So in a nutshell :
A Teambuild isn’t a guaranteed downline placement under your referral link, instead just a simple team effort.


Teambuild Benefits

Whatever you do, is always best to join a Teambuild, for the simple added bonuses. When you join a program under any random sponsor you only get what the company gives you. There are no added benefits to your paid membership, but when you join a teambuild, you are normally added to a Teambuild List where you will get a chance to get paid referrals under you, you get full team support and the team marketing tools.

So if you were to join a teambuild even after there are hundreds and hundreds of members and the list is extremely big, you can still use the tools to grow your own downline, get the team support and have the benefit of being in a group of people helping you, rather than not.

Strosdegoz Teambuild Benefits

These are the most common benefits I offer to my team members.

  • A Set of Marketing & Advertising Tools (Either Free or Paid).
  • Custom made banners, pages and promotional letters.
  • Received Paid Members directly under you (If you join early enough).
  • Step by Step guides on Advertising and generating sales.
  • Proven to work programs with Trusted Administrators.
  • Full time direct and members support.
  • Your prospects are fully taken care of for you.
  • The chance of earning a huge income without referring others.
  • & Much, Much More!!!


I’ve been looking to start a new teambuild in the last few weeks but I am waiting for the right opportunity.
If you want to be part of the next teambuild and be in the first few, make sure to join my list, you can do that by filling up the form on the left on this page or going to “DoNothingMoney Newsletter“.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
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  1. Hey stros, please let me know what your next Team Build is. Thanks

    • Will surely do Gregory, make sure to join my subscribers list as thats the method I use to announce any new teambuild.

      The reason is that contacting each person manually would be impossible, so the broadcast gets to everyone and those interested can get in touch.