Whirlwind Income Opportunity about to Launch

Update 6/26/2012 – Whirlwind Is Now LIVE – JOIN NOW

Launch details :

Whirlwin Coming Soon

Hello everyone, if you are DoNothingMoney Bog Newsletter subscriber then you already know about Whirlwind.

A new Passive, Hands Off, Income Opportunity that is going to go live really soon.

Today I received an email from my Upliner with information about this new program. I wanted to tell you to get ready and save enough funds on your payment processor account (Solid Trust Pay or PayZa) for the launch.

NOTE : To my team, I plan on having marketing tools for everyone, set up a rotator and also an advertising co-op. This will be exclusively to our TEAM Members only.

Here are some of the details :

Main Points:Make Over $500 from Every $1 Ad You Buy! <=== WOW $1 Daily Ad Subscriptions Access Powerful Daily Advertising!Sponsoring does not fill your 2×2, therefore, it is not a requirement to earn!Over $50 in Sponsoring Bonuses are Rewarded throughout the 6 Whirlwind Phases!But Wait, there is something that will put YOU in control of more cycling! AND MORE MONEY!!! Can’t wait for you to see it!

Other points:

I will be funding with $350 for reserves for the maximum pre-launch daily buys. You decide what is best for you… but at least start with 1. Minimum funding is $15.

Yes, admin will be on a private server.
Yes, admin has DDOS protection.
Yes, admin even added database protection.
Yes, admin has income streams and plans for future growth.
Yes, admin wants to be the best for you in 2012 AND 2013.
Yes, admin knows what he is doing!

This is all I have for now and as soon as I have more, I will let you know.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

2 thoughts on “Whirlwind Income Opportunity about to Launch

  1. I want to know, what program it is? how to make money? I need more information

    • What I have is what I wrote above. When the program opens to the public then you will have all the information you need.