Why Do We Teambuild? Teambuild Explained

Why Do We Teambuild?

Teambuild Explained

In general terms most of the people familiar with matrix, cyclers, hyips, etc. Know what a Teambuild is and how it works but overall there is still some confusion as to what are the benefits. The benefits are simple, you get direct referrals from the team and your downline as well.

If you are a builder / active member, your efforts will be shared with your team to expand the success and spread the income to your entire downline.

Many people still don’t know what a Teambuild is and how it can help You. In this post I will explain in detail why we do Teambuild and what are the benefits.

I will also explain the difference and benefits for a downline member between Teambuilds and Direct Sponsoring.

The most common teambuild we do here @ DoNothingMoney.com is the 2 by 2 Teambuild, where we place 2 paid referrals under each member that joins the team.


Teambuild Vs Direct Sponsoring

Direct Sponsoring – This is really simple, you join a program and promote your direct referral link. If you get 20 referrals, they will be placed directly under you and show you as the sponsor. In a matrix structure, part of your downline will fall down to lower levels as spillover, but that will only give your team members a small push and in some cases won’t qualify them for the full benefits of sponsoring.

Teambuild – Instead of promoting your direct referral link, you promote a Splash Page or Lead Capture Page that captures the prospect contact information, once the person decides to join the program he is giving the link of the person waiting in line to receive referrals. So if I have 20 people that want to join me, I would only place 2 directly under my referral link, then the next two under my first person, the next two under my second person and so on until all 20 are signed up. This will help your team member with qualifications, earnings, complete cycles and much more.

Teambuild VS Direct Sponsoring – Examples Illustrated

I will use around 11 referrals as example, putting You as my first referral and the rest will be : Ref1, Ref2, Ref3, Ref4, etc.

– Here is how a 2×2 cycling matrix will look if you place 12 direct referrals under you, notice that when the first matrix is full your remaining referrals will go to your new matrix rather than support your team.

Your second level, is your referrals first level.

Direct Sponsoring 2x2 Forced MatrixAt this point when stros2 matrix is completed, stros will have 3 matrix and growing. Not that this is bad as he / she is being paid for his work but this can be improved for a teambuild and the earnings spread.

– Here is how YOU and Ref1 matrix looks like, notice that their level 2 is empty, which means they can’t cycle. With the teambuild as you will see below even the level 2 will also be filled which will help them complete a cycle and earn even without sponsoring.

Spillover in a 2x2 Forced MatrixThe only way for YOU or Ref1 to progress in the program in this situation (which is the normal situation) is by either sponsoring others or that the spillover they received (refs2 to 5) sponsor others.

– Here is how a 2×2 cycling matrix will look if you place 12 referrals, 2 under 2 in a Teambuild structure. You will push everyone and still keep on earning.

2x2 Forced Matrix in Teambuild Structure

Above you see that stros’s first matrix is full and the second matrix (stros2) is filling up with the same people who filled his first matrix. Below you see why.

– Here is how YOU and Ref1 matrix looks like in a teambuild. Both are full and they get a second matrix which follow stros’s matrix.

Teambuild 2x2 Forced Matrix Explained

I am not sure if this explains it for you, but I believe the illustrations are quit clear. When you build directly only You (yourself) will cycle. When you do a teambuild you will cycle, your team members will cycle and everybody earns.

When you teambuild you do give away referrals and cycling speed but it pays back big time, why? Because it gets people excited, it gets them motivated and it gets them going. Mix this teambuild with tools and step by step instructions on how to promote and you will be on your way to massive success.

If your team members are making money, you will definitely make money as well. The more they make, the more you make.

Always focus on helping your team and that alone will reward you more than anything.

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Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
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