Why You Should Have a Blog?

Why You Should Have a Blog? When it comes to advertising and making money a Blog can be really helpful for several  reasons… A Blog is the abbreviation of Web Log, its like a dairy where you write down everything you do. Blog’s are really friendly because they are interactive, readers can read and share their opinions through comments, chat-box or other features.

In my opinion when it comes to advertising having a blog gives you tons of advantage and even helps you to create an additional stream of income or even several streams of income. It’s a must.

If you are promoting several products on the internet you can use your blog to promote all of your products together and keep track of everything that you are doing, you can build a followers base and get a head start on any new product you want to sell by having instant prospects and readers.

As your Blog grows it will start to come up on Search Engines if you have good content, this can help you build an additional stream of income by placing advertisement in it using services like Google Adsense or Infolinks for example.

If you are advertising a Income Opportunity like the ones found on this blog then you will have tons of people wondering how to duplicate what you are doing and here your blog becomes really helpful. I post all of the Advertising Strategies that I use in my blog so when I am asked about it all I have to do is find the link and give it to that person, by giving that person the link to my Blog now I am killing 4 birds with one shot.

Show your prospect / client all the other programs and products that you have to offer.

Earn an additional income through advertisement on your Blog.

Give them a source for information that they can come back later on if they need to.

Brand yourself and build your own business instead of others.

Having a Blog today is so easy that even my 8 year old brother has one (Not True 😛 ). With services like WordPress and Blogger you can set up one in a matter of minutes and you do not need any technical stuff knowledge to do that, with Blogger it only takes like 2 minutes and everything is user and rookie friendly, with WordPress is almost the same but sometimes it gets a bit more technical as they don’t have the same user friendly interface. I highly recommend WordPress over Blogger as you will learn a lot more over time.

If you want to work full time online, then start your Blog now, learn the basics, write your first post and get started. You will get used to it really fast and start to enjoy it as you learn.

Having a Free Blog is fast and easy but is highly suggested to host your own blog, hosting only cost around $4usd / month and you will have total control over your content and no one can take it down by mistake or just because of some complaints from your competition, it also gives you the liberty to add as much stuff as you like, ads, scripts, widgets, gadgets, etc.

If you have been on the fence about creating a Blog, I hope you are convinced now and if you have any questions you can feel free to contact me maybe I will write a Step by Step strategy on how to set up one, buts is so easy that the post might just be too short…

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)


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