by Shahmir Ansari


A longtime online friend has started his own income opportunity and called it YourAdPays (YAP), it is an active income program with no sponsoring requirement to get paid and instant live commissions to your e-wallet balance.

The compensation plan is really profitable and the product standard. The price is a bit high but there is also a feeder entry for those who want to join YourAdPays (YAP) and don’t have the entire joining fee.



Product & Compensation Plan

The Product.

The product here is a combination of Advertisement credits and Digital Product, the selection of digital products is really big, so you have many different packages to choose from for your one time payment.

The Compensation Plan.

There are two different prices to join the program :

1st – One Time Payment of $130 usd.
2nd – One Time Payment of $65 usd (feeder program).

The payplan is really simple and there is a great animated explanation on the website that explains it to the point, but here I will described it in details.

There are no sponsoring requirements or qualifications needed to earn or get paid.
This doesn’t mean that this is a passive income program, what this means is that if you get a referral from spillover, spillunder or in whatever way you will be compensated according to the payplan below and the money withdraw-able to your payment processor of choice without problems or restrictions.

$20usd Direct Referral Bonus
– Alertpay, Solid Trust Pay & Liberty Reserve Accepted

1st Phase (One Time $130 usd Payment)

The program starts in a 3×1 Matrix
So you need 3 members to complete this phase, you are paid instantly on every member that falls under you.

1st Member = $50
2nd Member = $50
3rd Member = $30 + (2nd Phase Entry {3×3 matrix})

Total Earnings 1st Phase = $130 usd


2nd Phase (Free when you cycle 1st phase)

3×3 Forced Matrix (Total of 39 members)

1st Level Pays x Member = $20, Total $60 usd
2nd Level Pays x Member = $20, Total $180 usd
3rd Level Pays x Member = $150, Total $4,050 usd

When you complete the 2nd Phase, you also get 2 entry back again into Phase 1 under your referrals.

Total Earnings 2nd Phase = $4,290 usd


Feeder Program (One Time $65usd Payment)

A 2×1 Forced Matrix. When you get 2 paid members you enter Phase 1 and start earning as explanation above, when you enter Phase 1 your sponsor will earn $20usd fast start bonus.

This is a forced matrix which means that if I have 2 feeder members and were to get an additional 4 feeder members it would cycle the first 2 without them referring anyone.

Member have the option to pay it forward for others.


Kind Regards
Dirson Eduardo Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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